Gostilitsy Project

A set of ceramic objects for the collaborative exhibition “With Everyone’s Imagination Atrophied, No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #5” at Designgalleriet (October 2017, Stockholm). Together with Pavel Matveyev

This project is the artists’ reflections on an abandoned countryside Gostilitsy estate as well as an immersive experience focusing

on melancholy, nostalgia, loss and a passing of time.

For this exhibition I created a series of ceramic objects again in the method of “filling up ‘missing-brick’ spots”. They are casts from the wall holes of this estate.

Gostilitsy estate is located 40 km away from Saint Petersburg and has a dramatic history. It is a marginal abandoned territory that exists on the border of dimensions and understanding: past, which was filled with life, clashes desolate dead present. This place used to be highly private. Built in the middle of 18th century and got its final reconstruction in 1845, this house was a witness of many life stories of people, who lived there before, their happiness and upset, their hopes and secrets. Now all that turned to be a part of timeless landscape, opening the access for strangers like me and letting to intrude into its privacy.

My bricks are the effort to reach and grasp the last moments of eluding present which endlessly attempts to fall into oblivion- they are posthumous casts, evidence of my personal attendance, the way to express a sense of loss and regret for this place losing its former greatness.
Some of those objects were placed into the manor walls permanently for healing those building “wounds” and as a spirit of hope.