May 2011, Presentation at Plattan Library ( Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden)- start of the Interactive Project “GiveItForward”, based on "Six degrees of separation” theory. Five participants got five ceramic objects (made by me) together with the written explanation.

"...The main purpose for me as for artist in this project is to ‘give a life’ to my piece. I am giving the whole control under my object to a destiny. But at the same time I want to break the material

and time borders because it is supposed to travel by itself and who knows where it will find ‘its death’ (where it will be broken).  If you decided to take part in, it there are some simple instructions which will help us to push our project further and let it go probably around the whole world! Each game should have rules- just to make it more fun!:

1)You can keep the object for three day.

2)During those three days I am asking you
to make at least one photo of this object in any environment you will consider
to be suitable ( in the street, in the store, in the metro station, in
apartment and etc.). You have a total freedom in it.

3) Photo can be any quality

4)Please send me the photo by e-mail

5)I will really appreciate if you will
write at least your first name, age and place, where the photo of the object
was made.

6)If the object is broken (by an accident
or…) it’s totally ok- you should not be afraid of this, but please still send
me the photos of broken pieces.

7)After three days you should give the
object to next person (friend, relative or even stranger in the street)."