Ceramic speaks in the street. Part 4. Cup story

2014. Geneva.  Switzerland

Focusing on the alternative role which objects of public and street art can play in the everyday city life, I wanted to create new traditions of locals’ behavior by interventing a set of vessels near-by pre-chosen drinking fountains (bubblers).

Those bubblers, being purely functional objects, played a good framing role for an effort of provoking and creating a certain new urban ritualism. Theoretically every ritual (if to see it from the perspective of cultural aspect) can be described as a specific instruction and set of actions, which keeps not only sacral meaning (spiritual representation), but also a certain knowledge, which is shared among the participants of the ritual and those, who are ‘new-introduced’. The ritual provides the understanding of a behavior, which is expected from the one, who wants to be involved in communication process of a particular social group. 

I wanted to fill my cups up with poetic, narrative, spiritual, esthetical, and functional meanings. Vessel (or bowl, or cup) by itself has a long history being used as a sacral artifact and ceremonial item, having various treatments of its symbolism.  

Short narratives represented on the vessels are certain specific spells. Written stylistically different, they all refer to one theme, but I don’t want to reveal it easily - instead I give the viewer a chance to interpret and create own associations.